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The Strangest Purchases made by Lottery Winners

Every player dreams of that moment when a big lottery win comes along. But what would you buy with your amazing windfall? It’s not always a case of going on holiday, buying a house or purchasing a new car. Well, not for these lottery winners.

Career Comes First

Canadian Charlie Lagarde had only just turned 18 when winning $1,000 a week for the rest of her life. Travel was on her spending list but so was securing her future career. She dreams of working for the National Geographic magazine. Therefore, some of her winnings was used to pay for a photography course.
Jonathan Vargas won $35 million Powerball jackpot and set up his own TV show. It was a women’s wrestling show called ‘Wrestlicious’, but it wasn’t a great success and only lasted one series. However, that lottery win allowed him to make his dreams a reality. The same could happen to you if buying a winning ticket from Lottery24.

Out of this World

Buying property is a common way to use your lottery windfall. However, £1 million winner David Copeland bought an acre of land on the moon! More land was purchased on Venus and Mars too, but he hasn’t paid them a visit just yet. Perhaps he could go on the SpaceX passenger flights?

Back to the Dance Floor

Tony and Greta Dodd from Liverpool, England were keen line-dancers. They were unable to dance due to health problems but then they were lucky enough to win a £2 million lottery prize. They used their winnings to pay for knee replacement surgery for the pair of them. That enabled them to get back on the dance floor.

Fireworks Galore

Debbie Mather also had a business in mind for her £500,000 lottery win 15 years ago. Her life must have gone with a bang when making the decision to go out and buy a fireworks factory. The lucky player told reporters that her win had given her “contentment.” Hopefully, the same will happen to you if buying a winning ticket from Lottery24.

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