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£2.5 million UK Lotto Winner Stacks Shelves in a Supermarket

Elaine Thompson had the great fortune to win a £2.5 million UK Lotto jackpot in 1995. A quarter of a century later, she’s still stacking shelves for her local supermarket.

The lucky winner, 64, comes from Killingworth in North Tyneside, England. You’d think being a lottery millionaire a lie-in might be the order of the day. However, Elaine gets up at midnight four days a week, leaves her home at 1.15am and then works between 2am and 9am.

Being a Good Role Model

Why did the UK Lotto winner decide to carry on working? The desire is to be a good role model to her children Karen and Gary. When she won her UK Lotto jackpot, Elaine had two young children (Gary and Karen) and felt she couldn’t just give up working. “It’s important that children see you working hard, and that we don’t get anything out of life unless you work hard for it.’ Would you carry on working if a ticket bought from Lottery24 won you a big jackpot?

Despite suffering from asthma, Elaine even carried on working during the Coronavirus lockdown.  The only difference for her was the management allowing her to finish early at 8.30am to avoid contact with customers.

Not even a Cleaner Employed

The UK Lotto winner admits that it was a tough task continuing working. “A couple of times during lockdown it was really really hard. I was driving to work thinking ‘What am I doing?’ Not working wasn’t an option for her though. Even though she reaches retirement age next years, Elaine declares: “I’m not ready to retire yet.”  She doesn’t employ a cleaner either, the UK Lotto winner joked: “If she came to clean, I would have cleaned the house before she got here.”

It’s not all been working early morning shifts for Mrs Thompson and her husband, semi-retired accountant Derek, 67.  There have been dozens of visits to Las Vegas, a new Ford Fiesta and they bought three racehorses. They also helped their children buy their first homes so their winnings have been put to good use.

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