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Triumph and Tragedy of Double Scratchcard Winner

Winning one scratchcard prize will put a big smile on your face. What if two came along and it enabled you to help buy something that means absolutely everything to your family.

That’s what has happened to Michael Christiansen from Hadar in Nebraska, USA. Back in March of this year, he won a $50,000 prize on a ‘Money Clip’ scratchcard. October saw him get his second big win of the year. This time he was lucky enough to win $100,000 in the ‘20X The Money’ scratch-off game.

Is this Real?

No wonder he said “I couldn’t believe it” when talking about his double success. “What are the odds? I didn’t think it was real,” he added. Amazingly, both of his winning scratchcards were purchased from the same store, Louie’s Liquor in Norfolk, Nebraska.

He became more serious though when discussing how he wants to spend his winnings. It’s been a tough year for Mr Christiansen despite his two big scratchcard wins.

Summer Tragedy

Since that first win in March, his life and that of his family has been turned upside down. That’s because in July, his daughter Hailey Christiansen, was shot and killed. An arrest has been made and a pretrial is due to take place later this month.

He hopes to now purchase the home owned by his late daughter. He said, “I honestly believe that it was divine intervention from Hailey to make sure we got her house.” That property means so much to the family. It was purchased two years ago and over 240 hours work had been spent working on it.
Now her son and two dogs, Thor and Comrade, will still be able to live there, all thanks to his two scratchcard wins. The dogs are so special to the family, though not so much when they get a bit gassy and you get in the way of the odour.
Despite being able to now buy the house, the scratchcard winner commented: “To be honest, I would give all the money back if I could get her back.”

Other spending plans include building a garage and putting some cash aside for his retirement.

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