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Shock as Mineral Worker wins $20m Australian Powerball Jackpot

A mineral worker from Cairns in Queensland already has plans on how to spend a $20 million jackpot won in the November 5 Australian Powerball draw.

He joked “I’m ending 2020 with $20 million” and vowed that from now on he’d “live the Australian dream.” 

The Australian Powerball jackpot winner has asked to remain anonymous. He says that he will use his winnings to help his loved ones. His generous aim is to “make sure they’re more than comfortable” and couldn’t wait to tell his parents they will be set up for the rest of their lives.

Buying a big property is also on his spending list. Then he plans to live off the grid which means living in a home free of modern power sources.

His ticket was the only division one winner in the November 5 Australian Powerball draw. The numbers that made him a millionaire were: 02-03-12-14-21-24 and the Powerball number 12. He has said that he’s not a regular player of the Australian Powerball draw just playing “off and on, every now and again.”

Is this a joke?

Just how he discovered he’d become an Australian Powerball millionaire was all a bit of a shock. He hadn’t checked his ticket and the day after the draw, he received a call from lottery officials. At first, he thought it was just his friends pulling a joke on him.  That probably explains the colourful language he came out with. Then he began to realize that it was all absolutely true.
The shocked winner is still finding it hard to believe he’s not living in a dream. “Everything feels like a bit of a blur,” he said. “My mind is going a bit wild. Oh wow. Oh my god I’m dizzy.” Perhaps that is how you would feel if buying a jackpot winning ticket from Lottery24.

Still working for a while

Despite becoming a multi-millionaire, he says he’ll continue working for a while. That is likely to change though and he thinks in time he’ll spend more time pursuing his hobbies. The lottery winner admits that he gets bored easily so “I would have to be doing something!”

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