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Buy your Spanish Christmas Lottery Tickets Now

Excitement about the Spanish Christmas Lottery is reaching boiling point. The draw takes place on Tuesday December 22, so there’s still time to buy a ticket from our site. 
The draw is known as ‘The Fat One’ and that’s no surprise, considering there is €2.4bn in prize money. This is a draw where there are thousands of winners and the top prize is €400,000. This is no new-fangled lottery, with it first being held in 1812.

This is a lottery draw like no other for many reasons. Not just the fact that Christmas in Spain just wouldn’t be the same without it. The whole way the Spanish Christmas Lottery is run and even how it is drawn is so unique.

Will you wear Fancy Dress?

Before the draw takes place, there are people in fancy dress awaiting the all-important result. They dress up as everything from bishops and Christmas trees to clowns? Will you dress up while waiting to see If

your ticket purchased from Lottery24 is a winner? It all adds to the special aura around this lottery.

When it comes to the actual Spanish Christmas lottery draw, it is held at the Royal Theatre in Madrid, rather than a special television studio. The balls are picked out in a very strange way.

There’s no voice of the balls as in UK lottery draws. Instead, the numbers are sung by children from Madrid’s San Ildefonso school. The Spanish Christmas Lottery draw was first shown on television in 1957. That was just one year after television was introduced into the country.

It’s All about Sharing

Most players buy what is known as a decimo, a tenth of a ticket. They are regularly shared between friends, families and work colleagues as has been shown in the advert promoting the draw. While little of 2020 has been traditional, this draw remains so. It seems nothing can affect the Spanish Christmas Lottery. 

It’s not just about winning the top prize, there are plenty of other smaller prizes up for grabs. Players from all over the world will be hoping a win comes their way on the 22nd. There’s still time for you to be one of them.

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