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$20m Oz Lotto Winners Forgot They’d Bought a Ticket
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$20m Oz Lotto Winners Forgot They’d Bought a Ticket

It took three weeks to do so but the $20 million Oz Lotto jackpot won on July 6 has been claimed. The lucky winners are a family from Golden Square in Victoria, Australia, who had a very good reason for the delay. You see, they had forgotten actually buying a ticket for the draw.

They were the only division one winners in the July 6 Oz Lotto draw. However, their ticket was unregistered so that meant a wait until the winners came forward to claim their winnings. It proved to be a long wait as the winners just had no idea they were millionaires.

Old Tickets Found

The Oz Lotto winners were busy cleaning their house when they found some old lottery tickets. Little did they know how much that discovery would change their lives. The family matriarch said: “Some had been in there for so long, so I decided to take them all down to the newsagency to check them,” they recalled.

When checking one of the tickets on the self-checker, it told him to go to the counter. “I thought there was just some problem with the ticket because it was oldish,” they said. Then they remembered that there had been an Oz Lotto jackpot won in Golden Square and “I started to think maybe we had that winning ticket.”


The family checked the Oz Lotto ticket themselves and discovered that they were the winners. “We have felt so nervous and sick ever since we checked the ticket. We just can’t believe we’re multi-millionaires now. This feels like a dream come true!” said the Oz Lotto jackpot winner.

Their winning Oz Lotto ticket was purchased at the Golden Square Newsagency. The store is owned by Bill Roberts who said: “I am sure everyone will be happy to know the winner has finally been united with their division one win and the ticket hasn’t been lost or forgotten about.We are so happy for the winning family and hope they can have some fun with their prize.”

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