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$37.5m Lotto Max winner wants new pair of shoes
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Johanne Leblond from Montreal in Canada is looking forward to getting a new computer and a pair of new shoes after winning a $37.5m Lotto Max jackpot in the 30 September draw.The lucky Lotto Max winner says that she will share her winnings with her husband Patrick Lamothe, their son Yannick Lamothe-Leblond and her father Guy Leblond. Even though they will be sharing the massive Lotto Max win, Johanne says, “We each have our dreams, but we are people who don’t want our lives to change.” That’s evident from the items that are on her first-to-buy list with a computer being purchased for her son and a new pair of shoes for herself. In England, £4.3m UK Lotto winner Jane Lewis bought a new pair of slippers after her big win. A Canadian couple won a $12.8m Lotto 6/49 jackpot and said they’d buy a “Gigantic TV.”Despite their big Lotto Max win, the couple plan to carry on working. Patrick is an engineer and his wife works in a retirement home. Lamothe says he’d always thought if winning a big Lotto Max jackpot, he’d just retire on the spot. Now it’s happened though he really doesn’t feel like quitting his job. “The only thing that changes, in the end, is that we won’t be working because we have to but because we like what we do,” he previously reported on a survey that looked at if lottery winners would quit their jobs.$7.7m UK Lotto winner Ivan Westbury did just that saying he was “dedicated” to his job. Johanne added that they were too young to retire. Rick Landis and Joan Landis from Maryland, USA, said they were closer to retirement after their $50,402 Bonus Match 5 win.Guy Leblond has already retired and says his spending for this year has already been mapped out. He’ll make any major decisions on how to spend his share of the Lotto Max win in the new year. “I have dreams,” he said.There are some larger plans in the pipe-line for Johanne and her husband. They plan on making some investments and perhaps buying a new house. Coping with the big Lotto Max win won’t be a problem either. She commented, “I’m in good hands, I have good friends and a good family, I’ll take it day by day.”To go on the shopping spree of your dreams, play online at!