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$40 million Australian Powerball Jackpot Shared by Ten Players
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$40 million Australian Powerball Jackpot Shared by Ten Players

Playing in a syndicate certainly worked for ten players from the small town of Wentworth in New South Wales, Australia. They won a $40 million Australian Powerball jackpot in the August 31 draw,

Now that certainly is the best possible way to end a month! Calling themselves ‘Syndicate 1’ they were the only division one winners and won a total of $40,517,739.

That’s because their  luck was really in and they also had 19 division to wins, four division eight successes and a division nine one too. That’s a fantastic $4,051,773.90 for each of the Australian Powerball winners.

One of the winners was still in shock when contacted for quotes by the lottery company. “I just had a look! I can’t believe it!” said the Australian Powerball syndicate member. “That's really good!” she added, which is probably the understatement of the year.

It’s crazy

“We’re only a small town and it’s crazy to think there’s now 10 multi-millionaires here,” said the Australian Powerball winner. The last census in 2021 recorded a population of just 1500.

The winning numbers that created ten multi-millionaires were: 06-10-14-27-31-32-35 and the Powerball 06.

Not all of the Australian Powerball winners were initially contacted. Some of them had not registered their entries so perhaps had no idea they were now millionaires.

It was the second big Australian Powerball win in August. Earlier in the month a woman in Melbourne won a $50 million jackpot.

They bought their winning tickets from  Wentworth Lotto and News in the wonderfully named Darling Street.


That’s owned by Rowan Congress who is delighted at hearing of the Australian Powerball winThe store owner described the news of the Australian Powerball jackpot win as “beautiful” and then went on to say that it’s “great news for Wentworth. We’re in the middle of nowhere!

It was two years ago when she took over the store but this is the first division one ticket they’ve sold. .”How great that it’s a syndicate and lots of people get to share the prize,” she added.

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