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£6.7m UK Lotto jackpot won on Wednesday
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Wednesday proved to be a successful evening for lottery players. A £6.7m UK Lotto jackpot was won and there were also successes in the Lotto 6 aus 49 and Joker draws. Both the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots rolled over with the Powerball top prize now over the $300m mark.On Monday there was a second-tier win of €154,608.79 in the Bonoloto draw and another followed on Wednesday with one ticket winning €168,262.62.Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw had a top prize of £14.95m after Friday had seen tickets sold in UK and Spain share a £155m EuroMillions jackpot. The numbers drawn on Tuesday were 03-31-41-48-50 and the two Lucky Stars 08 and 11. On Friday, the top prize will be £25m.Tuesday’s Thunderball draw saw one ticket win the top prize of £500,000 after a single ticket matched 04-06-15-19-34 and the Thunderball 09. The winner follows in the footsteps of English player Stuart Andrew Sussex who also won £500,000 playing Thunderball.The SuperEnalotto jackpot on Tuesday was up to €105.5m but failed to produce a winner of the top prize. The numbers drawn were 48-56-66-83-86-89 and the Jolly 06. Two tickets won a third prize of € 93,940.29. On Thursday, the jackpot rises to €106.6m and perhaps someone from the cursed town of Colobraro may win the SuperEnalotto jackpot.The jackpot in Tuesday’s Mega Millions draw was $222m but will be $243m on Friday after tickets were unable to match 10-17-21-38-43 and the Mega Ball 23. No tickets were able to match the five main balls unlike Marcus Cobb from Virginia, USA, who won $1m playing Mega Millions.The big wins came on Wednesday. The UK Lotto top prize was £6,700.919 and again we had a jackpot winner. One ticket managed to match 09-10-27-30-33-45 and the Bonus Ball 29. On Saturday, the jackpot will be £3.2m.Wednesday’s Lotto 6 aus 49 draw produced a jackpot winner of €1,337,525.50 after their ticket successfully matched 06-15-32-36-43-47 and the Bonus 06. There was also a second-tier win of €773,110.70. On Saturday, the top prize will be €3m. Wednesday also saw a jackpot winner in the Joker draw, when one ticket landed €194,190.50 by matching 3-0-2-9-4-1.Finally, the Powerball draw on Wednesday had a jackpot of $294.3m but will be $321m on Saturday after another rollover. No tickets were able to match 12-30-59-65-69 and the Powerball 16. There were no second-tier winners either unlike George Dickerson from Iowa, USA, who won a $1m Powerball prize.Get ready to win this weekend and play online with us at