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A relatively new lottery, the EuroJackpot lottery was established in March 2012 across several European countries. The countries participating in the lottery are Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. The EuroJackpot was established to provide better odds and larger jackpots. It was originally created to compete with the success of the EuroMillions lottery, as the founding countries saw how successful a pan-nation European lottery could be, and the advantages of a larger jackpot due to the participating countries. The EuroJackpot Draw takes place every Friday evening in Helsinki Finland, and with a minimum jackpot of €10,000,000 it’s no surprise that EuroJackpot tickets sell quickly!EuroJackpot odds of winning the top prize are 1:59 million, compared to EuroMillions odds of 1:117 million. Although this means that EuroJackpot winners are more frequent, its rollover jackpot totals cannot reach the staggering amounts reached by the EuroMillions lottery. It is nothing to be sniffed at, however, as the largest EuroJackpot prize in April 2013 was won by a single EuroJackpot ticket in Germany with an impressive fortune of €46,079,338.80.When the lottery was first established, the EuroJackpot offered a ‘rolldown’ feature, meaning that should the European Lottery jackpot rollover for 12 consecutive draws, the 13th draw was subject to a rolldown. If no EuroJackpot ticket matched all seven numbers, the prize will be paid to the next winning tier. Thanks to this rule one lucky winner who correctly matched the five main numbers but only one of the EuroNumbers won the total jackpot of €27,545,857.50 in August 2012. This rule was however abolished in January 2013, and the EuroJackpot is now able to rollover until it reaches its maximum cap of €90,000,000.A lottery that you are more likely to win! So don’t hesitate and purchase your Eurojackpot tickets today at