A New World Opens Up for £181,818 Postcode Lottery Winner

A New World Opens Up for £181,818 Postcode Lottery Winner

A New World Opens Up for £181,818 Postcode Lottery Winner

There are many ways to celebrate a lottery win. Ann from Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire, England persuaded her neighbours to form a conga line after winning £181,818 playing the Postcode Lottery.


Ann works as an occupational therapist and had two tickets for the Postcode Lottery draw. That doubled her winnings and she says her windfall is “life-changing” and has “opened up a new world for me.”

The lucky player continued: “I think my face says it all. I'm shocked, but so grateful and thankful.” It certainly beats her previous biggest win of £17 playing bingo. 

Ann added: “I've got a lot of thinking to do, but I've got a nice retirement in front of me now." One of her work colleagues also had a win, so she decided to sign-up herself. After all, as she says: “You can't win it if you don't play.”

The lucky player had been playing with postcodes from two previous addresses. Then she changed to the one for her new address after moving house in 2023. 

Now she wants to take her mother on a holiday to America. Recent  £1.02 million Postcode Lottery winner David is also off to America.

Then there’ll be some trips of her own “anywhere sunny with a beach.” The Postcode Lottery winner will still be careful with her money. One first class trip will be taken so she can say she’s been on one. Others won’t be so luxurious because that’ll save money so she can go to “a lot more places.”

Spend, spend, spend

Also celebrating is Doug who also won £181,818. He’s been married to his wife Gil for 57 years. The retired engineer says it will be “spend, spend, spend,” now. He  wants to go on breaks in Britain, buy a Toyota C-HR hybrid, have a massive 80th birthday in September and treat his family.

The father-of-two and his wife are both in their seventies. He thought they had only won £40,000 at most. This much larger win will “make it nicer for the rest of our lives,” said Doug.

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