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Alberta couple to celebrate in Hawaii after winning $100,000 on Lotto Max Extra
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A couple from Red Deer in Alberta have plenty to celebrate after winning $100,000 on the Lotto Max, and they hope to do so with a trip to Hawaii.Jefremar and Lucille Estoque, from Red Deer in the Rocky Mountain province on Alberta, Canada, won their $100,000 prize on the Lotto Max drawing on June 1st. Mr Estoque told lottery officials that when his wife called to tell him that their Lotto Max ticket had won the prize, he was sure that she was joking. A Québec  woman thought her husband was joking when he told her they’d won $10 million on the Lotto Max.“I thought she was pranking me,” the Alberta man said. “It took me a couple minutes to realise she was telling the truth.” Mrs Estoque told Lotto Max officials that she understands why her husband thought that she was having him on because it took her a while to bring herself to believe it as well.We’ve previously told you about a mother and son from nearby Winnipeg who shared a $5.3 million Lotto 649 prize and planned to move further into the West of Canada.“It was quite a shock,” the lucky winner told Lotto Max officials in Alberta. “I was speechless and shaking so much, I could hardly get myself together to count out all of the zeros.” A fellow Canadian Lotto Max winner was so delighted when she won $127,000 on the national game that she decided to name her unborn child after the lottery.Since they won their prize back in June, the lucky Lotto Max winning couple have had plenty of time to think about how they will spend their $100,000 winnings, and the first thing they’ll do will be to pay off some bills. “The most important thing is paying off bills,” said Mr Estoque, adding that once their bills are taken care of they will put some of their winnings into savings, and think about planning a vacation. A couple from British Columbia were also looking forward to financial freedom after winning $500,000 on the Lotto Max.“We’re hoping to go to Hawaii with some family members next year,” said Mrs Estoque of their plans to celebrate. A couple from British Columbia also decided to celebrate their Lotto 649 win with a trip to Hawaii earlier this year. TheAlbertan couple purchased their winning Lotto Max ticket at Shefield & Sons, a convenience store on 67 Street in Red Deer.Try your luck at the lottery game and play online at