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All Plans Changed Due to £1.03m Lotto Win
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All Plans Changed Due to £1.03m Lotto Win

Paul McDonald from Bexhill in East Sussex, England, had his Sunday afternoon all planned out. Then Paul discovered he’d won £1.03 million in the December 11 Lotto draw, and everything changed.

The plan was to help put up the Christmas decorations, watch some football and see his youngest child in a pantomime. However, a check of his emails informed the 48-year-old that he’d had a Lotto win.

Initially, he thought it was a lower-level win, £30 at the most. Then he discovered his ticket had won £1,063,516 in Saturday’s must-be-won Lotto draw. No ticket had matched the six main numbers. The Bexhill resident had matched five of the main balls and the Bonus Ball.

Watching football

Paul just switched off his laptop, had a cup of tea and then watched football on his television. The hope was that might calm him down, but it didn’t work. The laptop was switched back on and he began to continually check his Lotto account, but no mistake had been made.

The distribution worker just couldn’t believe that one moment he was sorting out the Christmas lights, “the next you’re a millionaire.”

£1,063? Oh No it isn’t

The Lotto winner still hadn’t told his wife, as she was at the pantomime. He took a photo of his Lotto account and when finally at the pantomime, he showed it to his wife. The light wasn’t very good, and she thought they’d won £1,063.  As they say in pantomime, ‘oh no it isn’t.’

Her response was “Great, we can get the bathroom done” and she turned her attention back to watching the show not realizing how much had really been won until later.

There are already plenty of plans on how to use their Lotto winnings. Paul won’t be quitting his job but might need some time off. A luxury ski-holiday to Aspen and a Christmas trip to Lapland are on their spending list. The mortgage will also be paid off. “It will be nice to know that every pay cheque is mine, not to be shared with the mortgage lender.”

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