Amazing Slices of Luck for Lottery Winners

Amazing Slices of Luck for Lottery Winners

Amazing Slices of Luck for Lottery Winners

It’s great to win a lottery prize but sometimes a bit of luck is needed and you have to keep your winning ticket safe. That’s shown in these lottery stories.

Retirement closer

At the age of 64, a woman from Michigan, USA, was looking forward to when she could retire. When buying a winning Ghostbusters scratchcard, she joked: “Well, I hope this ticket helps with saving to retirement.

Initially though her belief was the scratchcard had only won her $500. A coworker looked at it and told her to look again. “When I saw it was actually $500,000, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack,” said the shocked winner.

Her windfall will help to pay some bills and of course help bring retirement a little bit closer to happening.

Clean win

In Australia, a lucky player in his 20s from Belmont won a $2.8 million lottery prize on February 10 but then put his winning lottery ticket in the washing machine.

It had been put in his trousers but he forgot to take it out before getting his laundry done. After five minutes the Western Australian realised his error and rescued his ticket. Thankfully, it wasn’t damaged and he’s been able to claim his fantastic lottery win.

Lucky cat

Cats can be lucky and one in New Taipei helped win a 30-year-old a NT$1 million prize. He saw a cat putting his paw on one particular scratchcard. That made him believe it was a possible winner and it was.  An $717,500 American winner thanked a cat for his lottery win .

Not everyone believed that scratchcard was lucky due to its serial number ending in 4. The cat, named Niu-niu, often sat on that scratchard and stopped people buying it but not this player. 
He believed it was a good omen and it most certainly was.

The cat even helped hold down the scratchcard while he attempted to see if it had won anything. To show his delight, he bought the lucky cat some meat-flavoured snacks.

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