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American Trips Planned by Postcode Millions Winners
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American Trips Planned by Postcode Millions Winners

A total of 438 neighbours from Moortown in Leeds shared a £3.2 million prize. Three of the residents won £369,425 in the August Postcode Millions draw.

One of the lucky winners of that huge amount were Paul and Julie. It’s already been a big year for them as they got married earlier in 2022. They were finding it hard to believe their Postcode Millions win.

The players didn’t know exactly how much they had won. When they did find out, then it proved to be a massive shock for some. Speaking about their success, Paul said that they had “never thought in a million years” they would win so much.

The couple plan on using their Postcode Millions win to buy a new car. Early retirement is also on the cards and buying their first home.

The majority of players won prizes ranging from £4,348 to £17,392 in the Postcode Millions draw.

Off to Disney World at last

Aileen won £13,04 and described her great win as “absolutely amazing.” A family trip to Disney World can finally happen. That’s something she’s been promising her three children every year.

Karen and her husband Graham both had two tickets and that meant a total win of £17.392. It’s the second successive year that Karen has had a People’s Postcode Lottery win. 2021 saw her win £2,000 and after that, Graham decided he’d also buy tickets for the draw.

America here we come

Little did he suspect that a year later, there’d be a much larger Postcode Millions windfall. Graham turns 70 next year and a trip to America is being planned. That will include them visiting their son in New York and then going to Boston.

A trip to San Francisco is also planned as the couple love jazz music. “Winning this will make the trip all the more special and memorable for us,” said Karen.  Graham’s brother and nephew also had wins in the Postcode Millions draw, both winning £4,348.

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