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Anonymity and the EuroJackpot
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The EuroJackpot is the fastest growing lottery game in Europe and has already changed the lives of many with its impressive prize giveaways! However we unfortunately don’t get to hear the exciting stories of many winners following their luck. It has become a popular choice to remain anonymous, following stories that have come out of past lottery winners receiving things such as begging letters and being blackmailed.The EuroJackpot has seen hundreds of winners who have decided to remain silent after pocketing themselves a big prize. We took a look at some of the biggest and smallest EuroJackpot jackpot winners who have remained anonymous.One lucky Irishman for Munster scooped a staggering €25,6 million euros on the EuroJackpot lottery. The Irish Post reported that the man had used some of his winnings to buy himself a €3 million mansion outside of Cork city.Another notable unnamed winner from this lottery is a fifty-year old Danish businessman, who decided it would be better to keep his identity to himself when won a spectacular €135 million. Details that have surfaced about him are that he is a father of two and lives in Copenhagen. He was also reported to have said, in a private press meeting, that he would like to remain anonymous but planned to exchange his Danish apartment for a French Riviera home, or even two.Finally, we have one unknown winner who extraordinarily nearly failed to claim his impressive €19 million jackpot. The winner is a German national living in Munich, who makes his living as an accountant and apparently vowed to continue working in his job, while also spending some of his winnings to enjoy himself more outside of work.These lucky EuroJackpot winners are an example of those who don’t like the appeal of press attention and fame, preferring to keep things quite and enjoy their new found fortunes peacefully.However you decide to deal with winning one of these lucrative prizes, whether you prefer to stay anonymous or would rather a champagne reception in front of the press, at least give yourself a chance to make that decision by playing the EuroJackpot here at