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Are men playing the lottery more often than women?
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Are men playing the lottery more often than women?

Lotteries continue to be popular all over the world, but who plays them more, men or women? This is a question that has been asked many a time and there are some very interesting answers.

Recent research in Ontario, Canada, showed that men play the lottery more than women. It was a close result though with 50% for men and 49% for women with the others undecided or not choosing to answer.

In the United Kingdom, a UK Gambling Commission report published 2019 gave men an overall 53 to 47% advantage in terms of how much they play a lottery. That figure includes all forms of gambling though playing the lottery is the most popular pastime in the UK. The UK Lotto and EuroMillions continue to be the ones played most. With a £127m EuroMillions jackpot tonight, plenty of purchases are going to be made at Lottery24.

There have been surveys that produced results that gave women the lead, though they were published in 2008 and 20012. It seems as the years have progressed, more and more men have been playing lottery games, hoping for that big win.

Online Players More likely to be Male

In 2013, an article written by Dan Fergusson produced some very interesting facts about the behaviour of lottery players. It said that 55% of players were men and when it came to playing online, they were doing so more than women who tend to head for the bingo sites. They are probably buying their tickets at Lottery24 right now.

Research in Australia showed that it’s women who prefer to play scratchcards, particularly younger ones. That study also showed that male gamblers were “significantly more likely” than women to be gambling for “social reasons or for general entertainment.” For their female counterparts, they gambled often to relieve stress, loneliness or boredom.

Men Love the Higher Jackpots

A 2016 Survey carried out in Texas indicated that when it came to lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions that have much larger jackpots, more men were buying tickets. For Powerball, 68.3% of men were making ticket purchases compared to 56.6% for women. Perhaps men spend more time dreaming of becoming multi-millionaires?

It will be interesting to see if future surveys produce similar results. Perhaps women will overtake men in the years to come when it comes to playing the lottery, who knows?

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