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Auckland man wins NZ Lotto top prize twice in one week!
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A man from Auckland on the north island of New Zealand has won the country’s Lotto first division prize for the second time in a week, and took home $666,666.The lucky winner, who chose to remain anonymous after he won his second prize, bought two NZ Lotto ticket from his regular grocery store using a mix of his lucky numbers. The man told lottery officials that he changes his lucky numbers every few months based on whatever numbers pop into his head and feel lucky at the time.The NZ Lotto player’s numbers came up at the beginning of last month, but for two weeks he had no idea that he was a lottery winner. In fact, he just continued on with his everyday life with the winning ticket in his wallet. A Maryland woman also had double the job last year when she won big on the Bonus Match 5 with two different lines, while recently we’ve told you about a Californian teenager who won twice on a lottery scratch card in the same week.“I forgot all about the tickets,” the Auckland man told lottery officials. “I had no idea the store had sold any big winners, let alone two, so the tickets really did get lost in my wallet until I spotted them when I paid for my groceries.”Recently a woman from Auckland won $3.8 million on a New Zealand Powerball ticket.The man checked his NZ Lotto tickets on the self-checking machine as he left the store, and he was dumbfounded when a message popped up that he was unfamiliar with. “I didn’t know what to think, so I went to the Lotto counter and handed the ticket to the lady.”The NZ Lotto winner said that it was the store clerk’s face that told him he’d won something good, but he didn’t quite believe it when she told him that he’d won the $333,333 prize, twice over. Now, the lottery winner is deciding what to do next. A couple from Auckland couldn’t have been happier when they won $142,857 on the NZ Lotto in the same 24 hours that they’d also experienced a fire, birthday and engagement.“I’ve always wanted to buy my own home, so I think that will be the first that I do – ‘homeowner’ has a great ring to it,” the NZ Lotto winner said. An Irish Lotto player who bagged €500,000 on the EuroMillions was looking forward to finally getting on the property ladder after her big win.For your chance of becoming a winner, play your favourite numbers online at