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Australian Lotto winner of $1 million is Grandmother who didn’t believe her luck
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Australian Lotto winner of $1 million is Grandmother who didn’t believe her luck

An Australian Grandmother received the best phone call of her life when she was informed she’d won AU$1 million. The Australian Lotto winner, from Sydney, Australia, initially didn’t believe her luck and had to be told several times.The amazing phone call left her in complete disbelief at what she was hearing. She’d won one of the two Division One winning entries in the draw held on 15 April, making her a lottery millionaire. The winner has asked to remain anonymous, but we do know that she’s retired and a grandmother.The lucky winner hadn’t checked the result of the draw but as her winning ticket had been registered, North South Wales lottery officials knew who the winner was. They got on the phone to the woman who had no idea she was a millionaire.

Are You Tricking Me?

When told the amazing news, she simply replied: "Oh, I have not! I don’t believe you! I really don’t." Totally in shock at what she was hearing about this fantastic $1m win, she asked the lottery officials, “Are you tricking me?”Then she began to realise it wasn’t a trick at all. "One million dollars? I do hope this is true! You’ve made my day! I’ve got goose bumps!"

No Idea How Winnings Will be Spent

It’s a fantastic $1m lottery win for someone who says she’s never won anything in her life. Now she wants to sit back and work out just what to do with her lottery win but declared that “I really don’t know how I’ll use my prize.” She added, “I’ve certainly had to work really hard my whole life, so this is just amazing,” she said.Her winning Monday Lotto ticket was purchased from the newsXpress in the Seven Hills area of Sydney. Employee Michael Forsyth said they sold a first prize-winning entry only a month ago in the Lucky Lotteries draw. “We feel like we’re on a winning streak and we’re looking forward to it continuing,” he added. It’s the latest big win in Sydney after a mother and daughter won $2m on Saturday.

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