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Australian Powerball win won’t change family from Perth
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A family from Perth in Western Australia have won the top prize on the Australian Powerball lottery, but although it’s a life-changing amount of money they say that it won’t change them.Winning the jackpot of $50 million in Thursday night’s Powerball draw was the family who had purchased their winning ticket from a news agency in Armadale, but declined to release their names to the press after they collected their winnings. One of the winners, however, did tell lottery officials that she couldn’t stop shaking when she saw all of the numbers on her ticket match up with those that were drawn.“I thought I must have been seeing things,” she said in a statement as it was revealed that this is the largest Lotto prize ever to have been won in the state of Western Australia, topping the previous record of $30 million. The last $50 million winner to reach the press was of course the ticket which won a third of the lottery prize in Victoria, after which its owner was sued by colleagues. This week’s Australian Powerball winner, however, continued to say that their family see themselves as “battlers” but they won’t let the win change them and they will continue to work hard.“This never happens to people like us!” she exclaimed as she continued to outline the family’s plans for the Australian Powerball winnings. As well as making some renovations to their home, they also plan to pay off some of their debt and take care of other members of the family.“We also want to donate to charity and we can with this amount,” the statement finished.The business that sold the winning Australian Powerball ticket was also quick to congratulate the winners, with owner Philip Lu telling lottery officials that his wife was full of emotion when they discovered that their store had sold the winning $50 million ticket. “We were very surprised when we learnt of that, especially when the prize is $50 million, it’s mind boggling,” he said.Mr Lu said that the feeling outweighs any personal gain that they would feel after this win, but he does expect that business will increase over the next few weeks, once local lottery players discover where the winning Australian Powerball ticket was sold.Why not purchase your lottery tickets online at to follow in the footsteps of these winners.