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Ayrshire cleaning ladies win big on EuroMillions and get straight back to work
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A lottery syndicate from Saltcoats in Ayrshire, Scotland have seen their luck truly come in as they matched the Millionaire Maker numbers in a EuroMillions draw.The cleaning ladies, who all work at St Matthews Academy in Saltcoats and have been playing the same numbers week after week, have confessed that the money will not stop any of them from working. With a wide range of ages between 24 and 63, the 18 ladies said that they will all be treating the EuroMillions prize differently, and that it will help all of them out to do things that they hadn't previously been able to do.After matching the raffle code on March 6th, the ladies have returned to work to reveal their plans for each of their shares of the £1 million fortune. Each syndicate member will find herself with a prize worth £55,555.55, and many of them will be spending their EuroMillions fortunes on home improvements and holidays.Syndicate member Claire Roberts and her mum Margaret were the first two lottery players to discover their good fortune, as Margaret had been the designated member to purchase the ticket on that particular week. Ms Roberts said that the group always buys their ticket from a different retailer each week. "My mum checked the results online the next day, but she didn’t look at the Millionaire Maker code. It wasn’t until the Monday that she realised we had won," Ms Roberts told the assembled press as they posed with their cheques. She went on to say that they decided to take turns in calling the rest of the syndicate members to tell them of their EuroMillions win, as both women wanted to be the one to spread the good news to their friends.Ms Roberts said that the ladies all have differing plans for their winnings, but she is looking forward to a relaxing holiday. “The timing could not be better," she said. "I’ve just booked for myself, mum and my daughter to go on an all-inclusive holiday to Spain. I can now pay that all off without worrying and look forward to a fantastic summer.”Give yourself a chance of also becoming a winner and purchase your EuroMillions tickets online at