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Braving the cold earns Iowa man $1 million Powerball prize
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A man from Iowa who braved the cold to buy his Powerball tickets has said he almost didn’t bother, despite winning $1 million!George Dickerson said that the freezing temperatures on December 30th almost kept him from leaving his house to buy his regular lottery tickets, but fortunately he decided to bundle up and head out. The 57-year-old, from Colfax in Iowa, went out into town and bought his Powerball tickets for the drawing that very same day, and ended up winning $1 million. A Virginia woman braved a storm to buy groceries and ended up $1 million richer thanks to the Mega Millions.“I almost didn’t go – it was freezing out,” the lottery winner said last week when he claimed his prize. “But I thought, ‘Well, you’d better go get them.’” However, his struggle to get the Powerball tickets didn’t end with leaving the house, because in actual fact the first gas station that Mr Dickerson drove to had a broken lottery terminal, and so he had to go to another store, the Kum & Go convenience store on N Walnut St. A Texan woman who took a trip to Iowa for a school reunion won $1 million on the Powerball while visiting, while another Iowan lottery player had to tape his winning Powerball ticket back together after winning $1 million.The Powerball ticket, purchased just before sales ended for the night, has enabled Mr Dickerson to move forward following a flood in 2010 that threatened his family business. “Every since the flood, I’ve told all our friends, ‘I’m going to hit the lotto. I don’t know when I’m going to do it, but you’d just better believe me, I’m going to hit it.’” The family man said he felt like luck had to be on the horizon. A couple from Georgia who recently won $246 million on the Powerball told lottery officials that they almost didn’t enter the draw because the husband forgot to buy their weekly ticket.The Powerball winner said that he and his family poured their savings into repairs to their plumbing, heating and electrical business, and they had begun to worry about retirement. “It looks like I’m going to have an easy retirement now,” Mr Dickerson smiled, saying that he feels blessed to have won such a huge top prize. A Lotto 649 winner from Atlantic Canada retired from his job just hours after winning a $1 million prize.What would you do with a lottery windfall? Take the first step and purchase your tickets online at