Brighter Days Ahead for £405,000 Postcode Lottery Winner

Brighter Days Ahead for £405,000 Postcode Lottery Winner

Brighter Days Ahead for £405,000 Postcode Lottery Winner

Life hasn’t been easy for Rachel, an NHS support worker from Dukinfield in Greater Manchester, England. It’s getting better though after she won a fantastic £405,000 Postcode Lottery prize.

Six years ago, Rachel says her life was left “in pieces'' after her twin sons died.. Their mother nearly died too after contracting sepsis. Worse was to come with her stepfather having to undergo a double leg amputation and her car was robbed.

Keeping their memory alive

Now thanks to her Postcode Lottery success she can work on achieving one of her dreams. Rachel wants to take a Masters nursing degree and become a paediatric nurse.  Helping sick children, she says, will help keep the memories of her late twins Ronnie and Reggie alive.

A Life for a life tree will also be bought in their memory. They are expensive but this Postcode Lottery win has solved that problem.

News of her win came just a day before her 34th birthday. “It’s a huge early birthday present,” said the Postcode Lottery winner.  An Australian won a $4.8m lottery prize  with a ticket he bought for his birthday.

It was so emotional for them when receiving their Postcode Lottery cheque. “We’re used to picking up the phone to bad news,” she said. .

To help their family, a mobility car will be purchased for her step father. Herr brother will be given help to make a deposit on a house.

A honeymoon at last

For themselves, they can finally have a honeymoon after being unable to do so due to the pandemic. “We’ve never been on a holiday abroad, just me and him, so that will be special.”  In 2026, John celebrates his 40th birthday. Her plan is to take her husband to New York. “I won’t need to save now,” laughed the jubilant winner.

Home renovations are also planned. The idea is to then sell up and buy a new one. A replacement for her Kia car is also on its way. Although she loves her current car, one with more mod cons is her dream.

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