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Budding inventor wins £1 million EuroMillions prize
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Budding inventor Anne Canavan from Derry in Northern Ireland has won £1 million and a luxury holiday for herself and her four children on the Song Saa Island in Cambodia in the September 25 EuroMillions draw. It's the latest big win in Northern Ireland after Maureen Wilkinson won a £300,000 scratchcard prize.Anne purchased her winning ticket from a Sainsburys supermarket. After buying a ticket for the September 22 EuroMillions draw she found another £2 change and bought a ticket for the September 25 draw. “I suppose you could call it a lightbulb moment” said the lucky winner.Normally Anne takes a few days to check the results, not quite as long as 'Bubba's Crew' from Connecticut, who took two weeks to check a $1 million Powerball ticket. This time she had “a feeling and an urge” around 1.30am to check the results. As soon as she saw the result she knew it was a winner without even having to look at it.The EuroMillions winner had always thought that if she had a big win she'd keep it to herself for the first day. In reality though she ran straight upstairs to tell her daughter Lauren the great news. She didn't believe her mother at first but then verified the windfall. Pablo Chavez from California kept his $1million 50X the Cash win secret from his wife until she got back from holiday.Just like Kevin Millard from California, who won a $1 million Powerball prize in September, Canavan says she won't squander her winnings. Aside from helping a few friends and ensuring her family is financially secure, she plans on investing her EuroMillions winnings and putting some towards her business. £5.2m UK Lotto winner Gary Brand from Essex, England used his winnings to set up a taxi firm.Anne can now pursue her dream of taking some of her 12 inventions to market. This includes the Snotblot, which is a wristband that stores tissues within handy reach. Plans are already being made to open an office in the Northern Ireland Science Park in Belfast though Derry will continue to be her main base.Next extimated jackpot in the EuroMillions draw which will take place on Tuesday October 2nd is £11 million. Don’t miss this opportunity to become the next big winner and purchase your tickets online at