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California Lottery scratch off player’s day started off ordinary and ended extraordinary!
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For a California Lottery player from Sacramento, his day started off as it usually does, but it ended with him winning $750,000 on a scratch off lottery ticket.Fred Bastardo, from Sacramento in California, started off his day with a trip to his local store to buy a few scratch off lottery tickets. His first ticket didn’t win anything, so he bought a second, and then a third, and neither of those won him anything either.The lottery player told the store clerk “I’m not leaving until I get a winner,” and bought a fourth scratch off ticket. However, when that one didn’t win anything either, Mr Bastardo changed his tune, and told the clerk that he’d buy a fifth and final ticket, and if that didn’t win anything, he’d give up for the day. A syndicate from Sacramento recently won a Mega Millions prize worth $3.2 million, although at first they thought it was only $3,000!Luckily for him, that fifth scratch off was a Mystery Crossword Scratchers ticket, and it turned out to worth $750,000. Later that same day, Mr Bastardo attended California Lottery headquarters in Fresno to claim his prize along with his girlfriend, but not before they made a stop on the way.As his girlfriend was driving along, the scratch off winner asked her to pull over because he needed to talk to her, and once they’d stopped, he asked her to marry him. Mr Bastardo’s new fiancée said that getting engaged meant more to her than winning the lottery. A couple from New Zealand also got engaged on the same weekend that they won $142,857 on the NZ Lotto, while a man from South Carolina in the USA followed up his $1 million Mega Millions win by proposing to his long-term partner.The winning ticket was purchased from El Ranchero Liquor on South 10th Avenue in Hanford, California, and Mr Bastardo says that he plans to invest his money wisely. Some of it will also be going towards starting his own business, and we are sure that at least a small amount will be going towards paying for a wedding for the newly engaged couple, just like a People’s Postcode Lottery winner from Devon in England who planned a wedding with their winnings, and a couple from Kansas recently declared that they’d be spending some of their $22,000 lottery innings on a special wedding anniversary celebration.What will you do with your lottery windfall? Play online at to discover it.