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Californian couple claim $5 million scratch off prize thanks to wife’s lucky touch
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A couple from California have claimed $5 million on a lottery scratch off which the husband said his wife put her lucky touch on.Kendra Skwarczynski and her husband Carl, from Orange County in southern California, claimed their $5 million thanks to a Hit It Big scratch off ticket that Craig bought along with another at their local store. Mr Skwarczynski bought the two tickets and gave one to his wife, that one being the $5 million winner, and he told lottery officials, “I let her put her lucky touch on it.”Mrs Skwarczynski said that after she scratched off the ticket, she remained calm, unlike her husband. “I’m actually a really calm person,” the scratch off winner said. “I just kinds passed it over to him to make sure I’m reading it right.” A man from California recently won a huge $6 million in prize money after going on a four-ticket scratch off winning streak.It was then that her husband found himself being anything but calm. “I was the one flipping out and crying,” Mr Skwarczynski said. “As soon as I saw it, I was emotional to say the least.” A Lotto Max winner from Ontario in Canada said that he “cried like a baby” after winning $1 million, while a Maryland Keno winner said that he was crying happy tears when he was told his $7,500 prize was actually worth $30,000.The couple said that their $5 million winnings are going to enable them to keep their family happy and well taken care of, and Mr Skwarczynski said that his wife is the rock of their household, adding that he would like to buy her a castle with their scratch off winnings. “I just want a nice, simple house,” said his wife. “I just want a simple, clean house with matching furniture.” A EuroMillions winner from the UK was recently rumoured to have purchased a castle in Scotland, but another big lottery winner, this one from Florida, said that her family could have all of her Florida Lotto winnings because she wanted to keep hold of her simple life.The lucky scratch off winners said that they often play the lottery as part of a fun hobby and have won a few hundred dollars here are there. However, Mr Skwarczynski said that nothing can compare to the emotional moment of discovering that they had won $5 million.For your chance of becoming next lottery winner, play online at