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Cambridge cab driver thanks his bad memory for EuroMillions win
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A EuroMillions winner from Cambridge has told lottery officials that he would not have won if he remembered his son’s birthday, after using the wrong date as one of the numbers on his ticket.Murray McKenzie, a taxi driver by day, won a huge £215,000 prize on the EuroMillions lottery all thanks to his bad memory. Mr McKenzie chose his numbers according to family birthdays and other special events, but the number he chose to represent his son Thomas’ birth date was actually wrong by one day.The lottery winner told officials that he was embarrassed to admit that he had gotten his son’s birthday wrong, but said that his lottery win has changed things. “With £215,228.30 now in the family coffers, I think he’s prepared to forgive me,” said the cab driver.Mr McKenzie explained to lottery officials that he had got the date wrong because he hadn’t played the numbers for a few months, having reverted to playing ‘Lucky Dip’ selections more recently. Explaining his decision to use his personal numbers again, the winner said “I’m going to put it down to Lady Luck.”The lottery winner and his wife have both said that, despite their win, they will continue working for the next few years until they reach retirement age, and Mr McKenzie said that he might cut back his hours, but he’ll continue driving his taxi as he enjoys talking to and meeting people. However, their plans for the money are not quite as you might expect them, the couple don’t plan to splurge it all just yet.“We are very content with what we have,” said Mr McKenzie as he told lottery officials that they don’t plan to buy fast cars or a bigger house. He continued “It’s going to give us so much freedom and peace of mind.”The couple have two grown-up children and four grandchildren, so they plan to use the money to spend more time with them, and perhaps splurge on some treats at the same time!Don’t forget to purchase your EuroMillions lottery tickets online at