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Canadian Lotto 649 winners to spend their millions on a “gigantic TV”
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A couple from Coquitlam in British Columbia, Canada, have won a huge $12.8 million on the Lotto 649 game and said that they’ll be spending their winnings on a “gigantic TV”.Ian Hirsch won his jackpot on Saturday evening’s Canadian Lotto 649 draw with a ticket that he purchased in the area just before the draw took place. He told lottery officials that when he checked the ticket with his wife after the drawing, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing and had to check it three times.“I checked it online first and then had my wife recheck it,” the lottery winner told officials in Vancouver. “We couldn’t believe our eyes so we walked over to the store to check it again.” The winner told lottery officials on Tuesday when he collected his winning cheque that he was overwhelmed as he came to the realisation that he had won the top prize.A recent Lotto Max winner from British Columbia was June Bergh, who said she was overwhelmed and terrified when she won her $50 fortune, just like our most recent winner. “It was overwhelming and surreal. I was shaking a lot,” Mr Hirsch said of the moment the store clerk confirmed that he had indeed won a prize worth millions. Together with his wife, he then made a video call to their children to tell them of their win, so that they could watch their reactions on screen.“That was priceless,” he said of their children’s’ reactions. The Lotto 649 winner, who is now a multi-millionaire, said that some of the winnings will be spent helping out their kids and taking family holidays to destinations such as Europe and Hawaii. He also plans to buy a new car.However, on the top of the wish list Mr Hirsch has something very specific, not unlike Janet Hurst from Cambridgeshire after she won £25,000 on the People’s Postcode Lottery. “I want to buy a gigantic TV, and build a beautiful house around that TV,” he said with a smile as he clutched his cheque for $12.8 million.Mr Hirsch is the second winner in the town of Coquitlam this month, and the second Lotto 649 multi-million dollar winner from British Columbia since the start of this year, after three friends from Victoria scored $3.6 million on the lottery game in March, and Robert Jaeger took home $5 million in Lotto 649 winnings in April.If you fancy getting yourself in on the winning, give yourself a chance by playing online now at