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Canadian Lotto Max winner has his head in the clouds after claiming $12.5 million fortune
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A lottery player from Canada who won a $12.5 million jackpot on the national Lotto Max game has said that he needs to come back down to earth after winning his fortune.Eddy Mushibuka, from the capital city of Ottawa, bought his winning ticket while he was away from home working in Edmonton, Alberta for the draw last month on June 5th. Despite winning $12.5 million, Mr Mushibuka took a while to realise the reality of his big win, as initially he thought he had won a few thousand dollars, an amount which he was pleased with.However, the Lotto Max winner told officials in Edmonton that he couldn’t believe it when the zeros kept coming and it turned out that he had won more than twelve million dollars. “The first thing I have to do is come back down to earth,” said that shocked Lotto Max winner as he collected his cheque for $12.5 million.The Ottawa man told lottery officials that once he recovers from his shock he will be spending his Lotto Max winnings on a new house and a car, and that he is looking forward to the opportunity to take a few more vacations. It is likely that Mr Mushibuka will have change left over from his purchases, but for that money he says he doesn’t have any further plans as yet.The winning Lotto Max ticket was purchased from a Safeway Gas Bar in Edmonton, and the lottery winner also checked his ticket at the same store. “I had no idea I had won anything until I went to the store,” said Mr Mushibuka as he recalled how the store assistant looked him in the eye and told him that he had won $12,500.“I looked at the screen and said ‘It looks like more zeros than that,’” recalled the Lotto Max winner, “Then she said ‘it’s £12,500,000!’” Mr Mushibuka’s ticket matched the numbers 2, 10, 13, 16, 30, 33 and 48 as it won one quarter of the jackpot on June 5th, sharing with another ticket in Alberta, one in Ontario and one in British Columbia. The British Columbia Lotto Max win was claimed almost immediately.You never know when and where good fortune is going to strike, so get ready for it and play lottery online with us at