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Canadian Lotto Max winner to name her baby after lottery
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A Canadian lottery player who won $127,000 on the national Lotto Max game has declared that she’ll name her unborn child after the lottery.“I will be naming my little boy Max,” said the Lotto Max winner, from Owen Sound in Ontario, close to where Angela Fraser won her $100,000 prize on a lottery scratch card not long ago. Erin Moore won her $126,968.50 prize on the Lotto Max drawing on January 13th, and earlier this month she told lottery officials that she feels very lucky both to be pregnant, and to have won such a great prize on the lottery.“I had surgery years ago that meant I wouldn’t have any more children so this baby is a gift,” Ms Moore told OLG lottery officials after she matched six out of seven drawn numbers, plus the bonus number on her ticket. “I have two wonderful daughters and this little boy is due very soon,” she continued.Now that the money is in her bank, Ms Moore can start preparing for the arrival of the other Max, this time in human form. “Maybe a down payment on a home or a business of my own to further showcase my artwork,” she said of her plans for the money just like a recent Maryland Lottery winner who hoped to start his own business with his $50,000, before adding that she’ll be making sure her children see their fair share of the winnings as well with some new bedroom furniture and a shopping spree for her daughters. A member of a UK Lotto syndicate that shared £1 million admitted that his wife had already been on a shopping spree after the win. “Winning the lottery gives me freedom – it’s awesome,” Ms Moore said.Many lottery winners declare that they feel financial freedom after big wins, including a British couple who won £6.1 million on the UK Lotto just before Christmas, and a couple from Brampton in Ontario who bagged $1 million, also on the Lotto Max, just a couple of months ago.The Lotto Max winner purchased her winning ticket at Winber Mart on 2nd Avenue East in Owen Sound, and she wasn’t the only local to win lottery prizes in recent months. Bob Martin, another Owen Sound lottery player, won $50,000 on the Instant Quest for Gold Crossword scratch card, and he plans to use his winnings to make renovations around his home.For your chance of winning at your favourite lottery, play online now at