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Canadian Sunshine Coast Lotto 6/49 players split $1 million prize
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Three residents of the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia in Western Canada have won a $1 million prize, thanks to the Lotto 6/49 draw that took place on October 3rd.Carol Sawchuk, Brent Davey and Ronald Colpitts play the lottery together every week, and so despite the fact that Ms Sawchuk’s name was on the ticket, the prize money will be split three ways. The $1 million prize was claimed just before Canadian Thanksgiving, on October 8th, and the co-workers said that they were astounded to realise that they had won.“I was sitting at my desk at work when I found out we won,” said the lottery syndicate organiser. “I checked the ticket against the draw results and couldn’t believe what I saw,” she said. Ms Sawchuk admitted that she even went as far as turning off her computer and turning it back on again just to check that she hadn’t been mistaken, and only then did she let her co-workers know of their big win.“Their first reaction was ‘what do you mean we won?’” Ms Sawchuk told Lotto 6/49 officials in British Columbia. However, since the news has sunk in, the three revealed that they have had some time to think about how they are going to spend their $333,333.33.Ms Sawchuk told lottery officials that she’ll be purchasing a new stand-up paddleboard with her winnings, while Mr Davey will be taking his wife on a trip to Europe. Meanwhile, Mr Colpitts said that his first purchase will be a riding lawn mower.The co-workers told Lotto 6/49 officials that despite having won once, they won’t stop playing the lottery every week, and they hope to one day win a larger jackpot, just like another workplace syndicate in Ontario which earlier this month claimed a record breaking Lotto Max jackpot. “You never know, we could be back in these offices after winning big by playing our regular numbers,” Ms Sawchuk said as they accepted their winnings in Vancouver, admitting that they could easily be following in the footsteps of recent Lotto 6/49 winners including Rod Holinaty, who scooped the jackpot and then proposed to his girlfriend, and Gerald Fritsma,who said that his Lotto 6/49 jackpot win was nothing that would change his life.The Lotto 6/49 jackpot is currently the highest it’s ever been, with the $64 million top prize beating the record of $63.4 million set in April 2013, following on from another record set earlier this year when the largest ever EuroJackpot prize was won in the Czech Republic. The draw on October 17th will therefore be a record breaking draw, no matter if the top prize is won.To give yourself a chance of also becoming a winner, then play now at