Cancelled TIcket Wins £144,000 Postcode Lottery Prize

Cancelled TIcket Wins £144,000 Postcode Lottery Prize

Cancelled TIcket Wins £144,000 Postcode Lottery Prize

Winning a big lottery prize is always a surprise. It certainly was for Francesca from Cowling in North Yorkshire, England who won a fantastic Postcode Lottery prize worth £144,000..

The lucky winner has recently moved into a new house. She cancelled her ticket for her old address but it was still valid for the January draw and it proved to be a winner. It’s won her their brand-new ‘An Unforgettable Year’ prize of £12,000 every month for a whole year.

That’s not all though as the shocked player has also won a holiday. Francesca was one of eight neighbours who each won that amount and a holiday.

Holiday time

The Postcode Lottery winners can choose from destinations such as a seven-day safari in Kenya (Francesca’s likely choice) to a Brazilian rainforest. If they fancy staying in Britain, they could go to Edinburgh in Scotland for a VIP experience at their zoo.

The mother-of-two returned to her old address to collect the Postcode Lottery prize.Speaking about her incredible luck, Francesa said: “I'm a great believer in 'If it's meant to be, it's meant to be'."

Plans for her win include renovating her new home which needs a fair amount of work carried out. That will see a garage being built which will delight her husband John. A family trip to Orlando, Florida is on the way at Easter and perhaps even a visit to New York.

Great decision

Also winning were Thomas and Lindsay who only started playing the Postcode Lottery three months ago. They’d been considering playing for a while but kept putting off signing-up.

Thomas joked: “We would have been devastated if the neighbours had won this and we hadn't, knowing it could have changed our lives too." Last month a couple  won a £200,000 Postcode Lottery prize despite nearly cancelling  their ticket.

Plans for their Postcode Lottery win include buying a Peugeot 3008. Before that purchase, the couple wanted to hold a celebratory buffet for their neighbours.

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