£200,000 Postcode Lottery Win Nearly Didn’t Happen

£200,000 Postcode Lottery Win Nearly Didn’t Happen

£200,000 Postcode Lottery Win Nearly Didn’t Happen

For over 50 years, Steve and Maureen have been living next to each other in Whitchurch in Shropshire, England. Just before Christmas, the pair both won a £200,000 Postcode Lottery prize but it’s a win that nearly didn’t happen for Maureen.
Dream come true
Steve is a retired firefighter and described this Postcode Lottery win as “a beautiful Christmas present” and a “dream come true.”

It’s a win that has come at just the right time. His car isn’t in the best of condition and some of his Postcode Lottery win will be spent on a new electric car.

This year will see them going on holiday to the Isle of Wight. After this win, a return to Malta which is one of their favourite holiday destinations is also being planned. Closer to home, keen gardener Steve wants to get a bigger allotment.

Not in a million years

Great gran Maureen said she had never expected “in a million years” to win a £200,000 Postcode Lottery windfall. It was the icing on the cake as the win came on her birthday.

The win also proved her husband Reg wrong. He’d said that most Postcode Lottery wins happen in the north of England not the south.  Last month did see a big Postcode Lottery win in the north.  Reg had even tried to get her to stop playing the lottery. He’s now changed his tune and said: “I’m very happy to be wrong” and added: “I need to play it now.” 

2024 was already going to be a special year for the couple as it’s their diamond wedding anniversary.

To celebrate, the couple now plan to go back to the Caribbean. It won’t be their first visit as they went there ten years ago. “It would be great to go back,” said part-time gardener Reg.

He has several other plans for their Postcode Lottery win. A new television is on the spending list and a new car. Their current ones are both “long-overdue an upgrade,” he joked. 

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