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Caribbean here we come
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When a player is lucky enough to get a big lottery win, the next big question is how will they spend their winnings. For many winners, they can’t wait to go on holiday and a new UK National Lottery survey shows that the most likely destination is the Caribbean.The survey shows that 47.5% of National Lottery and EuroMillions jackpot winners head there. Recent months have certainly backed up that result. The recent €38.9m EuroMillions jackpot winners declared they wanted to go on holiday to either the Bahamas or the Maldives.Plenty of other lottery winners from other areas of the world are heading in that direction too as they bid to relax in the warmer climate. That’s the case for ‘Lucky Ernie’ from Maryland, USA, who’s off on a Caribbean cruise after his $12,510 Keno win.Another popular destination for Lottery winners is Australia, with 30% of past UK Lotto and EuroMillions winners wanting to go down under. Being a cricket fan helps and that’s just why John Taylor from Surrey, England went there after he won £137,945.40 playing EuroMillions.A further 17% of lottery winners chose European destinations such as the Canaries, Spain or Portugal. There are plenty of other destinations that lottery winners head for. Englishman Bernie Delbridge went on an African safari after his £241,406.80 EuroMillions win. Malcolm Taylor, 67 and his partner Mary Connor, 65, made their way from England to Death Valley in the USA thanks to a £209,614.40 EuroMillions windfall.Susan Titus had some unique plans for her $1m Lotto Max win: the Canadian winner wanted to go on train ride across Canada, to the Rocky Mountains and the West Coast of Canada. Barbara and Douglas Fink, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada won a huge $8.1m Lotto 6/49 jackpot and said they would travel all over the world.Some lottery winners even turn down holidays. That’s what Kevin Piper from England did after he won a £1m EuroMillions prize. It was Mega Week in the UK and he also won an Ultimate Hawaiian Adventure but went for the cash option instead.National Lottery spokeswoman Miriam Donohoe said: “Whether it is a massive multi-million-euro win, or a lower level prize win, it is always the same. The most discussed issue amongst winners and their family and friends when they come to claim their prizes is where they will go on a holiday to celebrate….and it normally involves lots of sun!Get ready for your dream holidays and purchase your tickets online at