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Celebrities that Just Love Playing Lotteries
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Celebrities that Just Love Playing Lotteries

Just because someone has achieved celebrity status, it doesn’t mean they don't love playing lotteries. After all, they haven’t been celebrities all their life. The thrill of buying a lottery ticket hoping that a big win is going to happen isn’t an emotion that celebrities are immune too.

Playing to Help Others

Even celebrities who already possess a multi-million fortune still want to be playing lotteries. The trio of Madonna, George Clooney and Elizabeth Hurley tried their luck on Italy’s SuperEnalotto draw. Their hope was that a big win would come along that they could then donate to victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.No big win materialised but two years later, Madonna had better luck. The pop star again played the SuperEnalotto draw as well as the SiVinceTutto draw and scooped €120,000 which was then put to good use building schools in Malawi.The SuperEnalotto seems to be one of the most popular lotteries for celebrities to play. Paris Hilton told how she bought some tickets in 2008. If she had won, she said 10% would have been donated to charity.More generous is the actor Hugh Jackman. He buys tickets for the cast and crew of films that he works on. It paid off once with a $1500 win shared out.

Dreaming of a Big Win

Simon Cowell doesn’t just like playing lotteries, he loves it. He told the Daily Mail that he regularly plays but we’ll never know if he’s won or not. That’s because he always ticks that no-publicity box. Cowell has also shown his support for the Health Lottery.When there’s are lotteries that have a truly massive jackpot to be won, even celebrities are tempted to try and win it. Hilary Clinton admitted that she bought tickets hoping to scoop the world record $1.5bn Powerball jackpot in January 2016.Footballing legend Wayne Rooney is also dreaming of winning a lottery jackpot. Not that he goes out and buys the tickets himself, apparently, he gets someone else to purchase them for him. Then, just like everyone else who plays everything from EuroMillions to Powerball, he dreams of that big win.Win a huge jackpot prize by buying tickets from Lottery24!