Christmas in January for £1m EuroMillions Winners

Christmas in January for £1m EuroMillions Winners

Christmas in January for £1m EuroMillions Winners

It’s going to be Christmas with “bells on” for a £1 million winning EuroMillions syndicate from Retford in Nottinghamshire, England but not until January.

The Ye Olde Bell Hotel syndicate has 13 members and have had some wins in the past but nothing like this one on November 3. Usually their small successes are used to pay for a Christmas meal that is enjoyed in January. Well, it’s a rather busy time for the hotel workers in December.

Each member of the EuroMillions syndicate will receive £76,293. Now they can’t wait to have their Christmas party (in January of course) but that’s not going to be their only festive treat.

Most wonderful time of the year

Syndicate leader Darren Gargan says their win proves this really is the most wonderful time of the year.

The 52-year-old admitted that even though he bought their EuroMillions ticket, it took a week to discover it’d won £1 million. When he received an email from the National Lottery he recalled that he “didn’t really bother because I was busy at work.”

Another email was received the following week and he showed it to another syndicate member Lindsey Fraser. Finally, a call was made and the amazing news of their £1 million EuroMillions win was confirmed.

Screaming and shouting

Lindsey began screaming and shouting and then started to let other syndicate members know the incredible news. It’s been a long wait for such a big win as the syndicate was set up 17 years ago

Now Darren (who has led the syndicate since 2008) is making plans on how to spend his share. Overseas holidays are being planned and that includes taking his family to Lapland. His wife has a brother in Australia so they’ll be heading there too. The rest of the win will be used to pay bills, house improvements and of course Christmas.

The EuroMillions winner added that this windfall will “make such a difference to so many people, not just the syndicate members. Winning it at this time of the year is “perfect timing.”

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