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Christmas is in 3 Weeks and there are 2.25 billion euros up for grabs
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The Spanish Christmas Lottery offers great odds with the chance of winning 4 million euros being 1: 100,000, as there are 100,000 tickets with each ticket number printed 180 times. Over 15,000 of these 100,000 tickets will win.The festival of all festivals is approaching fast. Only three more weeks, then it is Christmas. Two days before, 2.25 billion euros will be the total prize fund available in the Spanish Christmas Lottery.These types of figures are the stuff of dreams and by playing, you may no longer have to just imagine it. By getting your tickets with us now you can be in with a chance of winning one of these life changing prizes.Great gift opening on December 22.The Spanish Christmas lottery is not only the largest but also the oldest state lottery in the world. It has been in existence since 1812 and has a payout ratio of 70%. It is one the most traditional lottery in Spain and now also extremely popular at huge prize fund is divided among a large range of prizes rather than just one big prize and a few smaller prizes (winnings are 15,000 out of 100,000), and this makes the game so appealing as there is a bigger chance of winning. If you want to be one of the lucky ones to bag a prize on the December 22 then you can secure your tickets now on operation - high winningsPlayers should note that if you want to have several tenths of units with different numbers, you have less time and it would be wise to get your Spanish Christmas lottery tickets now. It's simple and easy to buy them online at