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Colorado second chance scratch off ticket is rejected because it won on its first chance!
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A lottery winner from Colorado who won $3 million on a scratch off lottery ticket has revealed that the ticket almost went in the trash.The lucky winner, who revealed her name to be Linda, told Colorado lottery officials that she thought the scratch off ticket had lost, and so put it aside to enter into a Second Chance lottery drawing. Second chance drawings are popular in the USA, and recently a group of four neighbours and friends shared a $50,000 Hoosier Lottery prize thanks to a second chance drawing, while a woman from North Carolina was gifted a fresh start after a second chance lottery drawing won her $1 million.When Linda scanned her scratch off ticket to enter it into the Colorado Lottery’s Second Chance drawing, it was rejected, because it was actually worth $3 million. Some might say that the winner got her prize thanks to a turn of fate, just like a doctor from Siberia believed after he won 358 million rubles in the Gosloto 645 lottery game.The lucky scratch off winner purchased her $45,000,000 Golden Jubilee ticket from her local Safeway store in Firestone, Colorado, back in July, but when she scratched it off she ascertained that it was not a winner, and put it into a pile of tickets that she planned to enter into Second Chance drawings. However, when she picked up the stack of tickets recently and began scanning them into the Colorado Lottery’s Second Chance drawing app, the Golden Jubilee scratch off was rejected.Confused, Linda had another look at the ticket, and soon realised that it wasn’t a losing scratch off after all, it was actually a $3 million top prize winner. “How crazy is that?” said the Colorado Lottery officials who handed Linda her prize. “If Linda didn’t participate in our second-chance drawings, the scratch off ticket would have gone in the trash. Congratulations, Linda!” A Maryland woman recently won $100,000 on a scratch off crossword ticket that she almost threw away because she thought it wasn’t a winner, while a store owner from New Jersey hunted down the owner of a winning lottery ticket found in his trash can!Get ready for your big win and purchase your tickets online at