Combined Mega Millions and Powerball Jackpots Over $1.7bn

Combined Mega Millions and Powerball Jackpots Over $1.7bn

Combined Mega Millions and Powerball Jackpots Over $1.7bn

The next couple of days could see over $1.7 bn won in US lotteries. That’s the combined total up for grabs in tonight’s Mega Millions and tomorrow’s Powerball draws. Will tickets bought from Lottery24 make you multi-millionaires?

Tonight sees the Mega Millions draw take place. The jackpot is estimated to be $977 million but with huge demand for tickets could even go through the $1 billion mark. The cash value of the current jackpot is $641 million.

No jackpot win this year

We’re over halfway through the third month of 2024 but we’re yet to see a Mega Millions jackpot winner this year. The last time the Mega Millions jackpot was won was on December 8 when two tickets shared a $394 million top prize.  Both of those tickets were purchased from the same store in California, USA.

Since then it’s been rollover after rollover in the Mega Millions lottery. It’s a far cry from last year when there were four jackpots won in the month of January. One of those saw a player in Maine, USA, win a $1.348 bn jackpot.

The Mega Millions lottery began in May 2022. Since then, this is the first time we’ve reached the second half of March without there having been a jackpot winner.

Massive Powerball jackpot

Tomorrow sees the Powerball draw take place with a top prize of $750 million (cash value $357.3 million).

It’s already been a big month for the Powerball draw. It was announced that the winners of the $1.765 billion jackpot won last October have claimed their winnings.

Theodorus Struyck, 65, has been revealed as one of the members of a successful Californian syndicate. Their winning ticket was purchased from Midway Market in Frazier Park which is a small mountainside town.

Mr Struyck hasn’t spoken about his win but local residents have said he “adores his grandchildren” and “just really pleasant to have around.” He’s also known to be a keen fisherman and owns a small boat. No doubt he can afford a much larger one now.

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