Same Store Sells Two Mega Millions Jackpot Winning Tickets

Same Store Sells Two Mega Millions Jackpot Winning Tickets

Same Store Sells Two Mega Millions Jackpot Winning Tickets

Friday December 8 saw two tickets share a $394million Mega Millions jackpot. Now it’s been revealed that both the winning tickets were sold at the Chevron, 18081 Ventura Blvd, Encino, California.

Now the question is could the two tickets have possibly been purchased by the same very lucky player?
At the end of September, a couple from Canada  made an accidental double ticket purchase and won a $3.33m Lotto 6/49 prize.

No claim so far

There are 23,000 lottery retailers in California that sell Mega Millions tickets. Lottery spokesperson Carolyn Becker said on Monday that no one had claimed the Mega MIllions jackpot. The mystery can be solved though as the California lottery gaming system tracks every Mega Millions purchase.

That means their law enforcement team will know whether one or two transactions were responsible for the win. Such information hasn’t been revealed to “protect the integrity of the security process once there’s a prize claim.”

When a win is claimed, a vetting process begins. This is to confirm the real winner is making the claim and “not some bad actor trying to claim to be the winner.”

It is possible that one player bought both tickets. Lottery24 recently reported on a case where a player purchased another ticket having forgotten one had already been bought and both won a jackpot.

The lottery spokesperson said it’s not impossible that two different players could be the Mega Millions jackpot winners.  “Perhaps one person wanted to try their luck on two different rows for whatever reason, or maybe a couple of buddies wanted to try their chances with the same exact numbers.”

The store that sold the winning tickets is managed by Nitessh Karla. It’s the biggest win his store has had in his nine years working there.

Is it the same guy?

But were the winning Mega Millions tickets purchased by one or two of his customers? His view is that “it is the same guy. Maybe he already bought it and buys it again,” he said. Whether it was one of two purchasers will determine the size of the bonus so $1 million extra could be received if it was two.

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