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Dancer Receives National Lottery Award
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Dancer Receives National Lottery Award

Dance can help people in many ways and Emily Jenkins from Nottingham, England uses it to help cancer patients. Her work has been recognised by the National Lottery. Emily received an Art, Film and Culture award from Dame Arlene Phillips.

Ms Jenkins says she has a “strong instinct” that dance can be used in both the context of cancer diagnosis and recovery. After carrying out some research, Move, Dance Feel was launched five years ago. Currently, the dancer holds sessions in Wandsworth, London.

She works with leading cancer support centres, and this sees dance being added to their care programmes. The aim is to bridge the gap that exists in cancer care services.“The main purpose was to try and plug a gap in cancer care services, offering holistic and ongoing support to women with any type of cancer, at any stage – pre, during or post-treatment,” said the National Lottery Award winner.

Significant Milestone

Free weekly dance sessions are given, and this includes those who have been bereaved by cancer or support someone.Speaking about receiving the National Lottery Award, the dancer said: “It feels amazing and somewhat unreal. This award marks a significant milestone, and to have received it in the fifth year of Move, Dance Feel activity is very special.”

Her work has been able to continue thanks to two grants totalling £28,891 from the National Lottery. This helped her develop her online programme during lockdown.

Worldwide work

Her research work has been used around the world. This has led to her becoming a Dance for Health committee member for the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science.

Dame Arlene Phillips is a well-known and highly regarded choreographer. Most people know her for the time she spent as a judge on ‘Strictly Come Dancing.” She’s now due to be a contestant in “I’m aCelebrity…Get Me Out of Here.’

She is delighted that Emily has won this National Lottery Award. Her hope is that after receiving this award, more money will be raised allowing this work to continue long into the future.

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