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Divorced EuroMillions winner creates more controversy
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Divorced EuroMillions Winner Creates more Controversy

Adrian Bayford and his wife Gillian won one of the biggest ever EuroMillions jackpots in 2012, when they held the only winning ticket for the £149 million prize. Now, the couple are divorced and Mr Bayford is newly engaged, but his happiness is shrouded in controversy.Adrian and Gillian Bayford were the picture of a happy lottery winning couple when they took home the second largest EuroMillions jackpot back in July 2012, however, towards the end of 2013 the couple announced they were to divorce, with Mrs Bayford retaining their multimillion pound mansion that they had bought after the lottery win and Mr Bayford moving into a separate property worth £500,000.Mr Bayford has announced recently that he is due to get re-married to a local stable hand, 16 years his junior, who he proposed to during a luxury holiday to the Maldives. However the EuroMillions winner’s former bodyguard tells us that he had originally proposed to her just days before popping the question to his current lover.Marta Jarosz first met Adrian Bayford at the Rose and Crown pub in Haverhill, near where he lives, when he approached her and offered her a job as his bodyguard, driver and personal assistant. Despite taking on the role, Ms Jarosz was in a relationship at the time of beginning to work with Mr Bayford, and said that despite his manner around her, she was not aware that he was interested in her romantically until he asked her to go on a luxury holiday with him.Ms Jarosz refused the offer of the trip to Maldives, and revealed that after that she didn’t hear from the famous EuroMillions player until a couple of weeks later when he announced that he had met somebody else and would be taking her on the romantic holiday. That someone else was Samantha Burbidge, 27, who he had also met in a local pub. However, being on holiday with another woman did not stop Mr Bayford from continuously sending messages to the bodyguard, telling her how he felt about her and declaring that he would love to marry her. After Ms Jarosz’s blunt rejection, the lottery winner proposed to Ms Burbidge and announced their engagement two days later.While Mr Bayford refused to comment on the story, Ms Jarosz said that throughout her time working with the lottery winner, he was clearly having a hard time enjoying his winnings, and seemed to lead a boring and lonely life.Whatever the truth of the story, we hope that Mr Bayford finds his happiness soon, and can enjoy his lottery winnings to the maximum!EuroMillions could make you a millionaire this week... so give it a try and purchase your tickets online at