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Double EuroMillions winner is forced to knock down illegal cabin in garden
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A former double EuroMillions winner has been instructed to demolish an illegal backyard cabin which he rented out as a studio, after years of complaints from the neighbours.George Traykov, who defied EuroMillions odds to win top prizes in the multi-national lottery game twice in three years, one in 2011 when he scored £1 million on the Millionaire Raffle, and again as a second tier prize of £160,000 in 2013, has been in trouble with his local council for the second time in recent years. The former Bulgarian professional skydiver has been resident in the United Kingdom for over twenty years.The EuroMillions winner was under investigation by Hounslow Council early last year for an outhouse in his back garden which he was renting out to illegal immigrants.This week it has been revealed that Mr Traykov has finally been forced to knock down the illegal cabin, which features a kitchen, a bathroom and a sleeping area, and which he rented out to Eastern European immigrants in his Feltham backyard for £600 per month. It was also revealed that this isn’t the first time he has been in trouble with the local council for illegal accommodation on his property, since the EuroMillions winner had similar problems in 2014 over another illegal flat.The cabin in Feltham was discovered after the local council decided to fly over the area using thermal imaging to discover similar illegal accommodation, following neighbour complaints which began in 2012. However, the demolition order was only requested last year, and this week the council promised to check the site and to order a demolition and bill Mr Traykov if the action they requested wasn’t taken.This isn’t the first time that a lottery winner has been in trouble with the law, as a North Carolina Powerball winner was last year arrested on drugs charges, and a Washington D.C. woman faced legal action after she attempted to claim a prize after taping two separate lottery tickets together. A resident of the same street in Feltham said, “It’s been going on for about four years, there have been loads of issues with parking and sometimes the people in the house get a bit loud.” However, the neighbour did admit that it’s possible for Mr Traykov to request planning permission to build a legal cabin in the backyard of the house that he rents out.Local councils have said that Mr Traykov is not the only person to construct these kinds of illegal live-in sheds, and that this kind of housing creates “new stresses on local authorities.”