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€500,000 EuroMillions Plus Ticket Kept in Handbag for nearly a Month
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Do you check your lottery tickets as soon as possible? Most of us do but not a woman from Meath in Ireland. She’s a self-confessed lottery ticket hoarder and it took some information from a friend to show her she’d won a €500,000 EuroMillions Plus prize in the April 28 draw.The EuroMillions Plus winner admits that she is “notorious for buying lottery tickets and hoarding them in my handbag for months on end.” She’s not the only one who does that of course, it took Daniel Chase from Michigan, USA, two months before finding the $1m winning Powerball ticket that was in his wallet.Jim McLoughlin from Ireland found a £1,046,066 winning EuroMillions ticket in his coat. Rowena Barnwell from England scooped £53,590.20 playing EuroMillions and wanted to buy some new handbags with some of her winnings.The lucky winner had no idea about her win until chatting with friends last week. They mentioned that the Centra shop in Carlanstown had sold a €500,000 winning EuroMillions Plus ticket and it had yet to be claimed. That certainly got her thinking but she never believed she’d be the winner. When she got home, she looked in her handbag and found her ticket.It had been purchased on the day of the April 28 EuroMillions draw from the store her friends had mentioned. The hopeful EuroMillions played asked her mother to check the results on her National Lottery Phone App. They scanned the ticket and there was “an overwhelming sense of relief to see the winning message come up on the phone. That was a wonderful moment to share with my mother,” she added.The EuroMillions Plus win has been a “big shock to the system” and she’s still been going to work but has yet to tell them of her big win. “All the talk in there is about the work syndicate for the €110million EuroMillions jackpot tonight. Little do they know is that they already have a EuroMillions winner in their syndicate,” she smiled.The EuroMillions winner plans to use her winnings to purchase a house mortgage free. A Scottish syndicate won a £1.1m EuroMillions prize and pledged to pay off their mortgages. Mary Ellis from England bought her own home after a £443,377 UK Lotto win. Also planned is a “nice holiday” and taking care of her family.Try your luck and purchase your tickets online at