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€500,000 EuroMillions ticket rescued from the bin
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We all make mistakes but a man from Cork in Ireland nearly made one that cost him and his family a €500,000 prize in the May 10 EuroMillions draw.The family, who wish to remain anonymous, are celebrating their big EuroMillions windfall but it so nearly never happened. The husband was checking the results of the May 10 EuroMillions draw and didn't like what he saw. He crumpled up the ticket telling his wife that they were out of luck on this occasion and threw the ticket into the rubbish bin. But had he fully checked that EuroMillions ticket now in a bin?His wife had other ideas though and thought something wasn't quite right. Later that night she found herself rifling through the rubbish bin looking for that supposedly worthless EuroMillions ticket. That's like Kathryn and Ricardo from Maryland, USA, who nearly threw away their $1m winning Powerball ticket.“For some reason I questioned whether or not my husband had also checked the EuroMillions Plus numbers,” she said. Andrew Norberg won $1m playing Powerball but until told had no idea his ticket was a winner. Melissa Dean thought her $100,000 winning Michigan Lottery ticket was worthless and asked a clerk to throw it away before discovering its true value.With the EuroMillions ticket found it was time to take another more thorough look at it. This time there was “a stunned silence in the room” and she knew “something had happened.”The EuroMillions ticket that once lived in a rubbish bin was actually worth €500,000 because of that EuroMillions Plus entry. “It just goes to show that you have to check your lottery tickets very carefully before throwing them away,” the relieved EuroMillions winner said.Last week we told you about a man from Dublin who found his winning €500,000 EuroMillions ticket while doing a spring clean. Tickets can nearly get lost though, Russ Standish did that with his £30,000 winning ticket for a National Lottery newspaper competition.Their winning EuroMillions ticket had been purchased from the Centra in Doneraile in Cork, Ireland.If you play online at Lottery24 you will receive a written notification with your winnings.