€1 million Winning Lottery Syndicate Finally Claim Winnings

€1 million Winning Lottery Syndicate Finally Claim Winnings

€1 million Winning Lottery Syndicate Finally Claim Winnings

Two Irish lottery syndicates made their way to Dublin last week to collect their €1 million prizes but one celebrated the new year unaware of their big win.

How much?

One of the syndicates came from Kildare and their lottery success had come at the end of January.

The day after the draw their syndicate leader received several texts from friends about their win. He had the winning ticket but hadn’t actually scanned it until after those messages. Then came the shock discovery of a big win but not how much.

He then called the Claims Department and the shocks continued. “The person on the end of the phone asked if I was sitting down and to be honest I probably should have been lying down for the news that followed,” he recalled.

The spokesperson added that he couldn’t believe the amazing news. He now had the job of telling the rest of the syndicate about the €1 million win.

Accepting that they’ve won isn’t proving easy at present. They plan to take a while and then decide how to spend their lottery winnings.

Big Shock

Also collecting a €1 million prize was a syndicate from Dublin. Their win actually came on New Year’s Eve but it’s taken them over five weeks to claim their winnings. A player from Laois in Ireland  took over two months to claim his €263,058 Irish Lotto win.

Their spokesperson also received a big shock when checking their tickets. He had several on his table at home and finally got around to checking them. “To say I got some shock when I checked this one would be an understatement,” he said. He checked the results online but says he “didn’t truly believe it”

He’d heard that there had been a local lottery win of €1 million. However, he didn’t know which store had sold the winning ticket. He admitted: “it never even registered that it could be us.” Thankfully he did check his tickets or they might have lost out on the €1 million.

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