€1,000,500 Lotto Plus Winners Celebrate in Style

€1,000,500 Lotto Plus Winners Celebrate in Style

€1,000,500 Lotto Plus Winners Celebrate in Style

A 32-strong syndicate from Ireland have been celebrating their big Lotto Plus win. They scooped €1,000,500 in the draw held on February 3.

The lucky winners from Wellington Bridge in Wexford made their way to National Lotto HQ in Dublin to receive their cheque. As a special treat from their bosses at the Ballingly Joinery, they made their way there on a bus.

The age range of the Lotto Plus winners goes from 24 to their 50s. They’ll each receive €31,000 after their great slice of luck.

Wayne O’Neill is the organiser of the syndicate and he recalled how their big win was discovered. He was out having a drink on the night of the draw when receiving a text from another syndicate member.

Sobering experience

They suggested he check their Lotto Plus ticket as the winning ticket had been purchased in their area. He did that when returning home a bit tipsy and discovered their big win. “I sobered up very quickly,” he joked.

He wasn’t entirely sure how much they’d won and thought it might just be €500 but it was actually over €1 million.  The recent £61 million EuroMillions winners  thought they only won £2.60.

He then went onto their whatsapp group to spread the news of their Lotto Plus win. The syndicate has been running for around five or six years but some members have only joined in the past twelve months.

Icing on the cake

One of the syndicate members is Nuala Power who was on her honeymoon at the time. They had to wait for her to return so their ticket could be signed and the Lotto Plus winnings claimed. The lucky winner said she was having a great time on her honeymoon but this win “was the icing on the cake.”

Mr O’Neill says that his share of the winnings will be used to place a deposit on a house. Since their big win they haven’t been playing the lottery but they will do again now all the excitement of winning is easing.

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