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€220m (£184m) EuroMillions Jackpot Tomorrow
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€220m (£184m) EuroMillions Jackpot Tomorrow

Will Friday 15 October see a draw that will go down in EuroMillions history? It will do if a ticket is lucky enough to win the record jackpotof €220 million (£184 million).
Tuesday’s draw had seen the jackpot cap reached and EuroMillions history is just a win away. However, no ticket on Tuesday was able to match the numbers that were drawn. The elusive numbers were 06-13-22-45-49 and the two Lucky Stars 10 and 11.

Near Misses

The jackpot may not have been won but there were nine that had very near misses. Four sold in the UK each won their owners £995,740.80. Five sold on the continent matched the five main balls but only one Lucky Star to win €1,315,699.90. The second tier winning ticket sold in Switzerland won CHF2,000,679.60.
That was nearly another momentous EuroMillions moment for Switzerland. The current largest ever win was won by a ticket sold in Switzerland in February of this year. That was of €210 million but under new rules, the jackpot cap has now risen to €220 million. Once this jackpot has been won, the new jackpot cap will be €230 million.

What numbers could be drawn?

Using birthdays and anniversaries isn’t always the best of ideas. If the numbers drawn were all in the 1-31 range, there may well be several winning tickets, rather than one big winner. The last time all five main numbers were in the 1-31 range was in the EuroMillions draw held on September 10. The last nine draws have all seen a main ball drawn that is higher than 31.
Choosing a single figure number might be an idea. Only one of the last six draws hasn’t had a number lower than 10. What about the Lucky Stars? Could Friday’s EuroMillions draw be the first since August 17 to see Lucky Star number 4. No Lucky Star has appeared in successive draws since September 14. August 31 was the last time the EuroMillions draw was won. Will Friday see a record win?
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