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EuroJackpot: a shower of millions
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Those who like a lottery that distributes millions, will hold the EuroJackpot as one of their favourites. In the next draw on Friday 16th May, whoever matches the first category prize could take home up to €28 million.EuroJackpot is definitely one of the lotteries with the fastest growing number of customers in recent times, since it offers many attractive prizes to its participants. If you want more details about the levels of prize distribution for this lottery, just keep on reading and let’s for example take a look at the results of last draw, held on Friday 9th May.If we have a look to these results, we will see that nobody among the European participating nations was able to match the first category prize, and because of that, as we said, the jackpot has been increased to €28 million for the next draw. There were also no second tier prize winners, however there have been winners of this category in recent weeks, bagging prizes of around € 150,000, depending on the draw.The level of distribution of prizes for the EuroJackpot is also shown in the high number of prizes offered in the following categories: 1 winner of a third category prize pocketed just under 140,000 euros, and 36 winners of a fourth category reward took home around €3,500.It’s also impressive that in addition to a high standard of prize giveaways, the EuroJackpot lottery also delivers many small prizes, because it offers additional options beyond the four categories mentioned. Specifically, EuroJackpot offers up to 12 prize categories, so that, for example, in the draw on Friday, May 9th at a European level there were more than 300,000 winners of the twelfth tier prize, each winning € 7,60.Try your luck and play EuroJackpot online with The 28 million euros on offer could be yours!