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EuroMillions and UK Lotto Jackpots Won This Week
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Three massive jackpots were won in the midweek draws topped by the €162m EuroMillions top prize won by a ticket sold in Switzerland. The UK Lotto, Lotto 6 aus 49 and Lotto 6 aus 45 jackpots were also won.The SuperEnalotto jackpot on Tuesday was €45.6m but the draw ended in a rollover so there’s a €46.5m top prize on Thursday. The elusive numbers were: 03-07-18-47-64-82 and the Jolly 84. There was more luck in the Bonoloto draw with a single ticket winning Tuesday’s €1,191,683 jackpotThe EuroMillions jackpot was won when a ticket sold in Switzerland won the€162m EuroMillions top prize (CHF183,897,039.30). The lucky ticket matched 07-17-29-37-45 and the two Lucky Stars 03 and 11 to scoop the top prize and become the third big Swiss EuroMillions jackpot winner in nine months. On Friday the jackpot returns to £15m.In the USA, the Mega Millions draw had a $367m top prize but tickets couldn’t match 02-22-29-31-34 and the Mega Ball 01. No tickets were unable to match the five main numbers and win a million dollars unlike the man from South Carolina, USA, who won $1m playing Mega Millions and then proposed to his girlfriend. Friday’s top prize is $405m.Wednesday’s UK Lotto jackpot had to be won even if no ticket could match the six main balls which is what happened. Three tickets matched the five main numbers and the bonus ball that each winning £8,811,619. The numbers drawn were: 03-05-11-25-27-45 and the Bonus Ball 18.  In May of this year, English couple Donna and Dave Strickley scooped a £21m UK Lotto jackpot. On Saturday the jackpot will be £3.1m. The same evening also saw a £500,000 Thunderball jackpot won.The big wins continued as one ticket won the €17,317.485,70 Lotto 6 aus 49 jackpot. There were also three tickets taking home the runners-up prize of € 288.483. Earlier this year a lucky ticket holder won an €11.3m Lotto 6 aus 49 top prize.Even more success followed in the Lotto 6 aus 45 draw with two tickets winning the €1,944,705,20 top prize. There was also good news for four tickets that each won €67.812,60 by winning the jackpot in the Joker draw.The winning streak didn’t travel across the pond though as tickets were unable to land the $229m Powerball jackpot in Wednesday’s draw. The numbers drawn were 41-53-59-63-66 and the Powerball 03. One ticket sold in Michigan, USA, won the second-tier prize of $1m just like Karen Harger from Iowa who won a million-dollar Powerball prize. On Saturday the jackpot will be $253m.You won’t be lucky if you don’t play! Seize the moment and play online now at